This is what we’re praying for: Disciple Making Disciples

Ripe for Harvest

“God is still at work!” – by Charlotte Nyirabugingo

….John 4:7-42. Jesus meeting the Samaritan woman on the well, did not only impact the Samaritan lady but also her community. Most of the time people have a tendency to stand on the same side of the disciple of Jesus; who got surprised when they found Jesus talking with her. But Jesus knows everything He does, He knew how much this lady would bring many to Him.

The same Jesus who did that, He is still calling people to Himself. This is a true story of Josee one former Peace house girl that I met on street selling fruits, a prostitute, deceived by men, named a barren four years ago. Some people advised her to go to witchdoctors but I advised her to go find the doctor, pray and trust God, and wait for the right man. She was hopeless but two years and a half, she spent in Peace house brought a change in to her life.

Last time, when I visited Josee, I was encouraged by her. She had turned into an amazing Godly woman who is sharing her faith with others. I was blessed to meet a group of 10 ladies that she is inviting to Jesus where they meet once a week, do Discovery Bible Study and small savings of 300Rwf/ per week. Among those women, there is a single mother with two children that Josee has been taking care of. This lady (Vestine) came to Jesus and was baptized last month.

In addition to that, Josee was elected in her village to represent her people, she is in charge of social and development. This poor lady who, once could not dream of leading others because of lack of education, she can do it (… fearing God is the source of wisdom …) when the village leader came to see me, he told me that he is proud of Josee, she is the role model of the other ladies in her village.

Seeing Josee and her husband, in their own house with a small boutique where they have something to give others. Josee is expecting a baby and is happy and grateful to God.

Charlotte is the Program Director of Peace House, an ATN-Rwanda ministry to boys and girls living on the streets of Kigali.


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